ELDEPRYL FOR SALE, 10TH ABOITIZ CEBUFA BOYS-12 CUPOctober 21, 2006 to February 3, 2007sponsored by Aboitiz Group Foundation, Inc. (AGFI)organized by Cebu Football Association, ELDEPRYL without a prescription, Buy no prescription ELDEPRYL online, Inc. (CebuFA)sanctioned by Phil, ELDEPRYL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Generic ELDEPRYL, Football Federation, Inc, after ELDEPRYL. Australia, uk, us, usa, (PFF)

TEAM STANDINGSas of December 1, 2006

GROUP A Win Draw Loss Points GF GA GD

1-Pepito Football Club 4W 0D 0L 12Pts 13GF 1GA +12GD2-PAREF-Springdale School 2W 0D 1L 6Pts 6GF 1GA +5GD3-Don Bosco College-B 1W 1D 1L 4Pts 1GF 4GA -3GD4-Bright Academy 1W 0D 3L 3Pts 10GF 11GA -1GD5-San Roque Football Club 0W 1D 3L 1Pts 0GF 0GA 0GD

GROUP B Win Draw Loss Points GF GA GD

1-Don Bosco College-A 2W 0D 0L 6Pts 15GF 0GA +15GD2-Cebu International School 1W 1D 0L 4Pts 11GF 2GA +9GD3-Sacred Heart School-Jesuit 1W 1D 1L 4Pts 8GF 6GA +2GD4-FC Inter Lapu-Lapu 0W 0D 3L 0Pts 0GF 26GA -26GD

*Points system: Win = 3pts.; Draw = 1pt.; Loss = 0pt, where to buy ELDEPRYL. Buy ELDEPRYL no prescription, *GF = Goals made For the team; GA = Goals made Against the team; GD = Goal Diff (GF-GA)*Tie-breaker: (1) Points (2) Goal Diff. (3) Goals For (4) Winner over the other (5) Toss coin

*Top two (2) teams in each Group will advance to the knock-out Semi-Final Round*Semi-Final pairings: 1st Group A vs 2nd Group B; 1st Group B vs 2nd Group A*Semi-Final losers will play for 3rd/4th Places*Semi-Final winners will play for Champion/2nd Place


OCTOBER 21, about ELDEPRYL, ELDEPRYL from mexico, SATURDAY (venue: CIS Field, Talamban)

1:00PM Match #1: Group B: CIS vs FCILResult: 9-0 in favor of CISScorers:Ralph Jernalim (CIS) 2nd minRowdy Elber (CIS) 3rd minGrant Sicard (CIS) 24th, ELDEPRYL wiki, Purchase ELDEPRYL online no prescription, 32nd, 36th & 50th minsThomas Booth (CIS) 28th & 45th minsYuta Hamada (CIS) 31st min

2:00PM Match #2: Group A: SRFC vs Bright AcademyResult: 0-9 in favor of Bright AcademyScorers:Renko Gaudiel (Bright) 5th minJung Jae Lee (Bright) 8th, ELDEPRYL class, ELDEPRYL photos, 14th & 18th minsKyle Knight (Bright) 16th & 35th minsRainer Tan (Bright) 30th minJunichi Kuribayashi (Bright) 32nd minSebastian Dahlberg (Bright) 47th min

3:00PM Match #3: Group A: Pepito FC vs SpringdaleResult: 1-0 in favor of Pepito FCScorer:Rafael Estremos (Pepito) 49th min

OCTOBER 29, SUNDAY (venue: San Roque Field, ELDEPRYL description, Cheap ELDEPRYL, Mandaue)

1:00PM Match #7: Group B: FCIL vs DBC-AResult: 0-11 in favor of DBC-AScorers:Chinno dela Calzada (DB) 1st, 27th minsMiguel Caindec (DB) 14th, order ELDEPRYL from mexican pharmacy, Order ELDEPRYL no prescription, 18th minsJunjay Arizabal (DB) 19th, 26th, ELDEPRYL cost, ELDEPRYL dose, 33rd, 45th minsChristian Noel (DB) 37th minJohn Labajo (DB) 40th minEthan Decena (DB) 43rd min

2:00PM Match #8: Group A: Pepito FC vs Bright AcademyResult: 5-0 in favor of Pepito FCScorers:Regelio Castillon (Pepito) 24th, ELDEPRYL schedule, Get ELDEPRYL, 45th minsJohn Gomora (Pepito) 27th minJohn Melgo (Pepito) 31st minJulius Cabigon (Pepito) 45th min

3:00PM Match #9: Group A: DBC-B vs SRFCResult: 0-0 draw

NOVEMBER 11, SATURDAY (venue: San Roque Field, ordering ELDEPRYL online, ELDEPRYL dangers, Mandaue)

1:00PM Match #10: Group B: SHS-J vs FCILResult: 6-0 in favor of SHS-JScorers:Pomeroy Veloso (SHSJ) 3rd minKiko Villamor (SHSJ) 24th, 32nd, ELDEPRYL overnight, ELDEPRYL wiki, 46th minsKeefe Yap (SHSJ) 37th, 39th mins

2:00PM Match #11: Group A: SRFC vs SpringdaleResult: 0-3 in favor of SpringdaleScorers:Ian Francis Holasca (Sdale) 18th minNicholas Villacin (Sdale) 46th minShawn Haosen (Sdale) 46th min

NOVEMBER 12, ELDEPRYL for sale, ELDEPRYL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, SUNDAY (venue: San Roque Field, Mandaue)

1:00PM Match #4: Group A: DBC-B vs Bright AcademyResult: 3-1 in favor of DBC-BScorers:Nonito Salazar (DBC-B) 5th, discount ELDEPRYL, Online ELDEPRYL without a prescription, 10th minGian Anthony Astilla (Bright) 31st minJoseph Arthur Morgan (DBC-B) 38th min

2:00PM Match #5: Group B: SHS-J vs DBC-AResult: 0-4 in favor of DBC-AScorers:John Paulo Labajo (DB-A) 9th minJunjay Arizabal (DB-A) 16th minMiguel Caindec (DB-A) 47th, 48th mins

3:00PM Match #6: Group A: Pepito FC vs SRFCResult: 3-0 in favor of Pepito FCScorers:Jose Lou Bacunawa (Pepito) 10th, 26th minsRogelio Castillon (Pepito) 43rd min

DECEMBER 1, FRIDAY (venue: San Roque Field, Mandaue)

8:00AM Match #12: Group B: CIS vs SHS-JResult: 2-2 drawScorers:Ralph Jernalin (CIS) 20th, 26th minsKiko Villamor (SHS-J) 35th minMiguel Acebedo (SHS-J) 46th min

9:00AM Match #13: Group A: Bright Academy vs SpringdaleResult: 0-3 in favor of SpringdaleScorers:Luis Miguel Maximo (Sdale) 6th minShawn Benedict Haosen (Sdale) 7th minIan Francis Holasca (Sdale) 43rd min

10:00AM Match #14: Group A: DBC-B vs Pepito FCResult: 1-4 in favor of PepitoScorers:Jose Lou Bacunawa (Pepito) 6th minNonito Salazar, Jr. (DB-B) 19th minJohn Gomora (Pepito) 24th minJohn Roy Melgo (Pepito) 42nd minRogelio Castillon (Pepito) 43rd min

DECEMBER 9, SATURDAY (venue: San Roque Field, Mandaue)8:00AM Match #15: Group A: Springdale vs DBC-B9:00AM Match #16: Group B: DBC-A vs CIS

JANUARY 27, SATURDAY SEMI-FINALS (venue: San Roque Field, Mandaue)8:00AM Match #17: Semi-Final #1: 1st Group A vs 2nd Group B9:00AM Match #18: Semi-Final #2: 1st Group B vs 2nd Group A

FEBRUARY 3, SATURDAY FINALS (venue: San Roque Field, Mandaue)1:00PM Match #19: For 3rd Place: Loser Semi-Final #1 vs Loser Semi-Final #22:00PM Match #20: For Championship: Winner Semi-Final #1 vs Winner Semi-Final #23:00PM Awarding of Winners/Closing Ceremony.

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By leonkilat
On December 2, 2006
At 2:03 am
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ronaldo Says:

bai mike, is it possible to also post the schedule of the other on-going tournaments like the men’s first division, the B15 and the P8 ?

ronaldo Says:

the teams in B12 have 3 elimination games in their respective bracket. the top two teams from each bracket have 2 more playoff games each (semis and championship/battle for 3rd).

that’s 3-5 games per team from october to february.

the culprit i think is our lack of access to fields and the lack of refs.

we really need to find a solution to our venue-problem as well as to our referee-situation. with san roque as the only venue (as of the moment) we can only have a limited number of games per week-end. now, even if we can get the use of another venue, holding simultaneous tournaments in different fields, at the same time will also not be possible considering the lack of qualified CebuFA refs (the division of the referees in cebu as well as the relationship between them and CebuFA calls for another thread that may well reach 100 responses). 3 refs rotating the whole game day (4-5 games per day) will only result in sloppy officiating.

so, basic questions first : one, are their on-going negotiations to get the use of another field ? two, how many qualified refs does the CebuFA actually have right now ?

Riscoh Says:

Yah….. lets get it started Ronaldo….

Couple of questions:
1. How come there arent enough qualified refs?
2. Do we have enough people who are interested in officiating?
3. Was there enough seminars for referees?
4. Was there enough effort to get/qualify more referees?

1. We should encourage high school/college players to attend referee’s seminars so they can help out in officiating lower division games…. they do that here in North America. Is this applicable in Cebu?
2. Is there a such thing as referees association in Cebu. It would be better if we have one but then this would create more problem especially if CebuFA and the association “ref” are not on the same page…..
3. Assign a committee that deals with this issue. Im sure there are couple of guys in CebuFA that could do address this issue…

thats my two cents…

ronaldo Says:

riscoh, so far, i got to talk only with the referees group who are not officiating in the Aboitiz Cups (although they officiated in the Aboitiz Festival). i also got to talk with referees who are NOT refereeing as of the moment because they are either coaching a team or they are playing. i don’t have the side of the 6-8 referees (my count) currently officiating in the Aboitiz Cups/League.

my answers to your questions (basing on the talks i’ve had with refs) are the following :

question 1 – it’s not an issue of whether we have licensed or qualified refs. what we have are a group of refs who doesn’t want to officiate in the Aboitiz Cup because they feel the officiating fee isn’t enough – while they also say that the refs who officate feel that with lesser refs, then the lesser people to share the officiating fees with.

question 2 – there were a couple of new faces during the last refereeing seminar, while the ref seminar held in negros the other year also had new participants. unfortunately, except for 1-2, i haven’t seen them officiating.

question 3 – there was one last year in negros and i think another held here in CIS. i’m not certain about the exact dates.

question 4 – i guess one must first WANT to become a referee. attractive incentives from tournament managers or from CebuFA may help but i think it’s up to the person.

My comments on your suggestions :

Suggestion 1 – i agree with you. i also think that Manfred’s suggestions (patterned after the lower leagues in Germany), wherein clubs are required to provide “apprentice refs” for games would provide us with a decent pool of referees. it’s a realistic and practical approach. perhaps, these guys will decide later on that officiating is more fruitful for them than a playing.

Suggestion 2 – there was a referee’s association/group but from what i’ve seen, it’s non-existent. there are basically two ref groups right now – those involved with CebuFA and those involved with DepED and non-sanctioned tournaments/matches.

Suggestion 3 – i have no idea if there is a referee’s commitee in the CebuFA. a CebuFA representative determines the refereeing assignments. on a single game day, 3-4 refs are rotated for the 5-6 games on that particular day. i agree that there should be a ref commitee so there will be someone who can receive and act on officiating complaints. i think everybody will agree that officiating has been very, very inconsistent.

getting permission to use another field for the games may be useless if CebuFA lacks refs. they simply don’t have the officiating manpower to handle simultaneuos games on different venues. but still, i’d like to know how CebuFA plans to solve this problem.

i don’t know the CebuFA policies regarding the refs. it would be great if somebody provides us with the info like – did the refs currently officiating in Aboitiz Cups undergo a coaching seminar, when did they last attend a seminar, are they affiliated with a team playing in the tournaments, etc.

ronaldo Says:

riscoh, one other thing. with all the refs i talked to, i asked how much the actual officiating fees per game was and how much should it be. i never got a straight answer from any of them.

totot Says:

bay riscoh, pwerting bati a jud mga refs diri cebu and mayta ma change pa in the near future… and your suggestion is ok but there is no seminar here that is being provided and even coahing seminar there is none…i dont know when is the NCCC?…its a big help for us to get into seminar but there is none….

ambut nganu wapa ah they like us to have the seminar or not?thats my BIG QUESTION…

gudday to all

KJ Says:

Totot, you said there is no coaching seminar here in Cebu? How about the CebuFA Coaching Course you attended this year in CIS, Talamban? You even received a certificate for that

There was also a Referee Course organized. Even your brother, Bobit Colina attended that course.

ronaldo Says:

after the coaching course, when will be the “C” licensing exam ? wasn’t there supposed to be one more coaching course before the licensing exam ?

totot Says:

kj?k j kaayu ka…i mean license c?and NCCC..wat we attented is just basic course preparatory to NCCC and License c…

its been a few months since the date of bcc..


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