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By leonkilat
On August 1, 2006
At 12:44 pm
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ronaldo Says:

ahay intawon. what did i tell you – CebuFA is all about hype and press releases and pogi points.

anyway, let’s talk grassroots.

i read the other day a report of the Gwen Garcia Volleyball tournament for the province. it got me thinking – why not lobby for a similar project for football.

possible sponsors – companies and politicians – don’t like to shell out money when they are unsure of how it will be spent. so here is a concept that might make sense.

a political-district based league or tournament.

the basic idea is to form football teams for elementary and high school. this is in line with the Palarong Pambansa competiton. forget the commercial competions for the meantime. this is about grassroots. let the coaches be municipality-based, either a PE instructor in one of the public schools or a volunteer.

the province has six political districts. why not approach the congressmen of these districts and have them bankroll an elementary and high school team made up of players studying in public schools within their districts. let us not include those in private schools. again, this is all about grassroots.

there are football fields (or at least open spaces) in several public schools in each of these districts that can be used as a training ground. travel within these districts costs little. let the bus companies cooperate by asking them to issue free travel passes to players, coaches and trainors. practices can be held on Saturdays or school holidays.

let’s not expect game quality to be great the first time around. it definitely won’t be. players will be raw as well as coaches and their tactics. let the matches take the home and away format, again with travelling expenses aquired from trip passes from cooperating bus lines.

reward the champion teams with the honor to form the core of the teams that will represent the province in the CVIRAA. perhaps in time, the political-districts will not just have a one selection-team but may have mini-tournaments within their own districts if interest in the sport picks up in the municipalities.

aside from the congressmen, companies visible in the municipalities like Gaisano (they have rolling department stores come fiesta time), pawnshops (lhullier, rd etc), appliance companies (gillamac), agro-vet stores are possible sponsors. it really doesn’t cost much. such a government-initiated project just needs political backing.

i know, the concept mirrors that of the DepED system. the main difference is that we are encouraging politicians to finance and spearhead the proposal.

why politicians ? and why Capitol ?

because they have the financial resources essential to make it work. DepED is a wallowing slow-moving sloth. such a province-wide project will only get buried in red-tape. but put it in the hands of LGUs and things might go a little faster.

i know, politics and football might be the worst combination ever, but at this point we need something radical to jumpstart football at the grassroots. grassroot football is not about 5-8 year old kids with moneyed parents spending thousands of pesos a month for private football lessons. grassroot football is going to the municipalities where kids are dirt-poor and introducing them to the sport.

anyway, i’m open to comments – violent or otherwise.

ronaldo Says:

but of course, someone has to take the initiative. someone or people who will put the proposal into writing and presenting it to the governor and the congressmen. we may see a football development program for the grassroots – they will see exposure and goodwill to their credit. elections is just around the corner…….. you get my drift.

if found with merit, i’d like to see CebuFA present the proposal. this may be a good chance for them to promote football beyond the urban areas. coming from mere individuals, such a proposal has little chance of earning a serious glance. coming from a body tasked to govern the sport, people might just stop and listen.

yup, sports and politicians is like whiskey, rum, red horse and vodka in one tall glass. you’ll have to drink it quick and hope that the hangover won’t go beyond a day. but once every three years, such a concoction might be benificial – if we drink it just before we cast our ballots.

roberto Says:

mike, please ask maximo. this was rescheduled and there was a reason. just forgot what it was. am also tipsy.

James Says:

Good efforts of CebuFA in hosting/organizing the PFF Visayas Mens U17. That was good promotion of football here in Cebu. It was all over the newspapers for 4-5 days. Football community was talking about the results. Cebu witnessed first-hand how football is being played in Iloilo and Negros. That was an effective eye-opener.

Though Cebu (Sdale is core team) lost to Iloilo 0-5, it was an improvement of last year’s result: Cebu vs Iloilo 0-7 in Dumaguete. Cebu then was represented by DBTC. Few people knew about it because it was not held in Cebu. This year’s edition brought a lot of football awareness to Cebu. Even the TV News was covering it.

The more you hosts regional/national tournaments, the better for your local football.

I do hope CebuFA gets to host more of these events. Again, congratulations and happy football!

roberto Says:

its a good promo for football in Cebu but i was still disappointed with the attendance. Even if it was a weekend, very few people went to watch. even the big football community that normally goes to san roque wasnt there. maski active players na lang unta-mens, college and high school players.. very few were there.

roberto Says:

ronaldo, your post got me thinking, maybe football program can be promoted more effectively if the CFA President were a high-profile person like a politician or government official with clout. Take Charlie Cojuanco of NOFA as an example. I am pretty sure he does not handle the day-to-day but he has enough clout to be able to promote better the sport. He also has a pork barrel and rich A manager can then be appointed to manage the details. (Maximo or Paul can vie for this position0. Is there anybody among our present crop of politicians, etc.that can fit into this? Is there someone among them now who used to play football or at least has sons that are into the game. Even from councilor up to congressman.
I think nothing happened with the appointment of the godfather of sports- Lhuillier. He is just too busy with other things I guess. Other sports enthusiasts like Mike Rama or Eddiegul are basketball oriented. Anybody else?

ronaldo Says:

let’s not justify our quality of football by implying that a 0-5 score is a big improvement over a 0-7 score. what james failed to add was that the previous ilo-ilo team had 10 national players in their lineup while this year’s edition had only 3.

focusing on the final score as the means of assessing our game is silly. any serious football follower worth his salt will tell you that game play quality is assessed on how the game plan was implemented or not. if the coach’s preparations and instructions were followed but was thwarted by the opposition, the consuelo de bobo there is that at least the players stuck to the plan. and for age-group competition, the ability of players to discipline themselves and follow instructions is the gauge on how mature they have become and how successful a football program is.

losing 0-5 but playing as a team and following the coach’s game plan is sometimes better than winning 5-0 but did so while playing individually and forsaking the coach’s instructions.

there are defeats more triumphant than some victories.

hostng regional or national tournaments is good for promoting the game but that doesn’t mean it will improve our playing. having more full-sided tournaments and exposing the majority of our players to such games will. CebuFA seems to think that hosting such tournaments is the benchmark for football success. wake up guys, our play on the field is what matters – not the pogi points we gain from being hosts.

roberto – paul who ?

the next CebuFA president (maximo or not) must be someone who we want to follow. someone who has a clear vision of what needs to be done and a method on how to achieve it. he/she doesn’t have to be a politician or a mere ceremonial head, just as long as he has a background or a keen understanding of the sport. he/she must think and work for the good and needs of the majority and not favor the minority.

Riscoh Says:

Here I go again…

I agree with you ronaldo on what type of president CebuFA needs. We need somebody who not only wants to promote the sport but also want to improve how the game is being played. Mike and Ronaldo… Cebu football needs you guys…

And no we dont need politicians. lets not try to influence football with politics… coz by the moment the sport starts to create a buzz they’ll use it and milk on it and…. walla were back to zero…

To say … losing 5-0 from 7-0 is an improvement. cmon how could you come up with such a conclusion… The only way I could see improvement is if we beat those guys… Lets not forget the Iloilo squad feared our guys because of our size… shouldnt we have an advantage over them?

James Says:

Hosting and organizing a regional tournament is no joke. The local host has to spend for the accommodation/billeting & internal transpo of visiting teams, not counting others like field preparation, utility, medical, security, etc. And all of these cost money and effort.

What I know of, it is not the obligation of CebuFA to host, but they did bid to host it to further promote the game in Cebu.

With the exposure the tournament got from newspapers and TV News, more people get to understand the game. When you understand, you begin to appreciate. And it will be a little easier for you to support football… whether as a future player, spectator or prospective sponsor.

ronaldo Says:

with the absence of a comprehensive development program, the lack of full-side tournaments, the need to have more refereeing seminars, etc., the time and effort as well as scarce resources spent on the hosting of a THREE-GAME TOURNAMENT was not worth it.

CebuFA has a problem prioritizing our problems. making it sound as if hosting tournaments are more important than finding ways to improve our play is insulting to those who follow the game.

that cebufootball got great exposure from the newspapers and TV is misleading. football exposure is not about getting your name into media or having yourself flashed on-screen for a split-second. football exposure is getting people to come out and support the team – something which many noticed didn’t happen.

cebufootball gained a lot because of newspaper reports and a few seconds in television ? that’s all ? and we are suppose to understand that ?

understand what ? that the only things important for CebuFA are newspaper reports and TV coverage ?

ronaldo Says:

hosting and organizing tournaments is not a joke – yes. but it becomes a big joke when we have other priorities that needed the resources, effort and planning spent on a three-game tournament.

if CebuFA has this mindset, then cebufootball is going nowhere. WOW, never expected that all we need to improve the way we play are newspaper reports and TV exposure.


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