CEBU Schools Athletic Foundation Inc. football tournament manager Jonathan Maximo has asked the University of the Visayas defender who allegedly punched an University of Cebu to explain his side regarding the incident.

We will wait for his side to be fair with everybody, about IMDUR, Comprar en línea IMDUR, comprar IMDUR baratos, said football tournament Manager Jonathan Maximo in an interview with Sun.Star Cebu yesterday.

Maximo said the officials of the game didnt see the actual incident last Saturday because it happened on the opposite side of the pitch and the referees were on the other side of the University of San Carlos football field.

However, Cesafi commissioner Felix Tiukinhoy and Maximo received a letter of complaint last Tuesday from UC head coach Glenn Ramos on the alleged punching, IMDUR from canadian pharmacy. IMDUR from mexico, A medical and dental certificate was also attached to prove that the player was actually punched.

Tiukinhoy and Maximo are now waiting for the comment of the UV defender before they can analyze the whole incident and give the proper sanctions so that this problem will be resolved.

Maximo said that the commissioners office will be the one who will decide for the punishment of the player as soon as all the documents are gathered.

I cant really say what the sanction of the player will be it is up to the commissioner, said Maximo.

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By Mike Limpag
On October 17, 2008
At 12:39 pm
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ronaldo Says:

I don’t understand why some people are insisting (or believing) that the officials couldn’t see the incidient because it happened “away” from live play. The UC striker and the UV defender were the last men on the UV side of the field. For those who truly understand football, that means that the linesman should have been ONLINE with the UV defender. And since the ongoing play was at the center of the UC side of the court, that means that the linesman should have been watching the last man (the UV defender) and not the sideline.

The UV defender is reportedly on his last year of eligibility so any CESAFI sanction would be moot and academic. He is also not eligible to play on the next game because of 2 yellow cards. That means that the worst CESAFI sanction would be a multiple game suspension. With only 2 elimination games left plus semis and finals, I’m curious to know if the player has played his last CESAFI game or does he still have a game or two left.

I’m also curious how the CFA shall react to any CESAFI sanction. Being a CFA-sanctioned tournament, they can put additional sanctions on the player if there is a complaint from the aggreived party/team that the CESAFI sanction was too light.

I remember the match between one of the San Roque teams versus USC in the last Aboitiz Cup when a San Roque player punched a USC player, breaking his nose. The aggreived player’s parents sued the San Roque player for assault. I don’t know what happened with the suit, but I did not recall any sanction on the San Roque player handed down by the previous CebuFA board.

michaelm Says:

Good move Cesafi this time. Last 2005, UC WALKED-OUT in its game ordered by its coach Glenn Ramos. Game not finished. They were not sanctioned because Tournament Mgr Aberasturi did not start investigation. Why? Obvious ba?

It was CebuFA who sanctioned UC and didnt let them join Aboitiz Mens.

ronaldo Says:

CESAFI hasn’t done anything regarding the incident yet. Like the UC-incident in 2005, the tournament manager is still waiting for the official’s report although they already received the formal complaint. I hope CESAFI and CFA will make the correct decision.

Another incident that needs attention is what CESAFI will do regarding the CDU forfieture. What sanctions will be imposed ?

By the way, the by-laws of “CebuFA” was in conflict with the by-laws of the PFF which was the “mother” organization. I asked for a clarification regarding what is the recognized by-laws for Cebu from a recent PFF visitor. Apparently, PFF recognizes the old set of by-laws, thus the proper acronym should be CFA and not CebuFA. What’s in a name ? Nothing. But it does guides us on which by-laws (and subsequent election and qualification guidelines) we should be following. This also insures the legality of the present CFA board and the consequent responsibilities and liabilities they will have to shoulder.

Guest100 Says:

Not to mentioned the walkedout of UC against USC last 2005 were UC is loosing their temper…

Tomasito Glenn Ramos used to do the walkedout thing… I can count some and name lots of time that he has ordered his team to walkedout.

Aberasturi during that time did not do anything to sanctioned Ramos…

Today, you cannot officiate if you have any relatives on the team playing..But before, you can see Lito Ramos and Vincent Ramos doing their ref jobs while their younger brother Glenn Ramos is coaching Don Bosco..such a law

Guest100 Says:

TO Ronaldo:

Do you know the player? looks like you have witnessed the match between UV and UC that day… Well, to tell you what happened.. It is not similar to a USC player who got punched at san roque.. The guy who punched the USC booter had been seen by the ref. in the incident of UV…the ref did not see… so how can you give sanctions to a player when the ref did not see…

Talking about laws of the game.. you cannot just judge a player by your own eyes if the ref did not do something about it in terms of red or yellow card claims.

Guest100 Says:

What happened during the UC walked out last 2005 vs USC is ordered by the coach of UC Glenn Ramos… Aberasturi did not do anything about it(he is the TM that time)

Glenn Ramos always does that walked out thing if he finds his team lossing or if he thinks the ref are not favoring his team.

Too bad you cannot always blame the ref…. Football Ref in Cebu is not accountable… Ruben, Michael Culibra are some of the ref’s most controversial persona. id you don’t want to see a team walked out or a player got punched by another then asked them..give them more seminars and do some critics to them or perhaps you could try being one of the ref…

ronaldo Says:

Guest 100, binisay-on lang ni nato ha kay sakit kaayo sa mata ang imong iningles. Lisod sabton. Murang gipa-pasar ra mo sa klase sa “English” bisan walay nakato-nan aron maka-duwa lang og putbol.

Basi sa imong gi sulat diri, ang depensa ninyo sa nahitabo mao kay walay referee nakakita. Kung subayon nato ang inyong panan-aw, gisumbag diay ni rodney ang iyang kaugalingon. Mao ba na’y isulti ninyo inig imbestigasyon? “SIR, WE ARE INNOCENT BECAUSE RODNEY PUNCHED HIMSELF”.

Kung naa moy pagdumot sa mga Ramos, ingna lang unya didto sa CESAFI board og tournament manager nga angay ra to ninyong buhaton ang pagsumbag tungod kay ni “walk-out” ang UC pag-2005 unya wala hatagi og “sanction” sa CESAFI.

Kung tarongon sa CESAFI ang imbestigasyon, dili ra ang “referee’s report” ang ilang tanawon. Apil na ang “witness” report nga kuyog sa “official complaint” og ang “medical certificate”. Mao na ang “due process” nga insakto. Dili ra mag-salig sa upat ka “officials”, apan naa pud ang tinggog sa mga nakakita. Sayun ra para sa mga “referee” mo balibad nga wala silay nakit-an. Mahimong tinuod nga wala sila nakakita, mahimong naa. Apan ang importanteng masabtan og mahibaw-an sa tanan ang kung kinsay nagsumbag og nganong gi sumbag si Rodney.

Ni tuyok-tuyok na ka sa pag-depensa sa UV, apan wala dyud ko’y nabasa nga ni balibad mo nga nanumbag mo. Kung tinuod nga wala dyud mo’y sala, diretso unta mong nisulti nga wala mo nanumbag. Hinuon, kung gibuhat na ninyo, ma klaro hinuon nga namakak mo kay daghan kaayo ang nakakita sa sumbag.

Mike Limpag Says:

Guest 100. Klaruhon nako gamay ha. Dili pareha ang UV vs UC incident sa katong nahitabo sa USC kay katong nanumbag sa USC nakitan sa ref apan ang sa UV wala?

Abi nako muingon ka ang deperensya sa USC nga situasyon kay tinuod nanumbag to ang player ug ang UV-UC nga situation, kay wala nanumbag ang player.

Apan ang deperensya ra diay kay tungod wa nakitan…Ronaldo, unsa na ang saying nga ayaw’g buka sa imo baba arung di ka masakpan…?

It’s the same difference?

ronaldo Says:

“Don’t talk when your mouth is full” aw este, “Don’t speak when not spoken to”, aw este, “When you eat, don’t speak”, aw …………. ambot oi, inintsik diay – “menos istorya, menos sayop”.

ronaldo Says:

kuwang diay – “menos istorya – menos sayop, walay istorya – walay sayop, daghan istorya – daghan sayop.”

ms. mischevious Says:

buhi-on ta nig balik storyaa beh kay gipukaw jud ni guest100 ang akong ga bukal nga dugo dah.
hoy ug naa kay pagdumot sa UC coach Glenn Ramos, ayaw na apila kay bias na ug imu nang apilon imung dumot nila. unsa ni? child’s play? sus, if i know wa pud gud ka nakakita nga gisukmag sa UV captain si Rodney, kay matod nimu wa mu nanukmag? nya matod pang ronaldo, unsa inyong isulti? SIR, WE ARE INNOCENT BECAUSE RODNEY PUNCHED HIMSELF. unsay tan-aw nimu? modus operandi toh ni rodney para magka sanction ang UC? e-risk jud ni mr.tisoy ang iyang pretty face para lang ana?… hahai, bright unta ka paminawon sa imung ENGLISH pero tarungon ug basa di man; nahulog kang defensive nga wa sa saktong lugar. straight talk ta beh. KITA KA SA PUNCHING INCIDENT OR WALA? kay ug ako imung pangutan-on, kita ko nga nagduol sila Rodney og ang UV captain, pero wa ko kita sa pag-sukmag. ug ikaw pud siguro toh ang captain, magpa obvious diay ka? sunod bah guest100, AYAW UG APIL UG WALA KAY BALING… AYAW UG STORYA UG WA KA GIKASTORYA… (ganahan ka og english?!)DONT JOIN IN IF YOU’RE NOT INVOLVED… DONT TALK WHEN NOT BEING TALKED TO…
you’re just being a down-right loser guest100.

…naa pa jud diay! ayay ka, naa pa koy lain nabasahan!… haha… if ingon ang refs nga wa sila nakakita, or any of the officials nga wa sila nakakita, ngano niingon man lge niingon nga “Gisapot naman kay sige sad bagulbul sa iyang mga kauban nga way klaro”… naa man lge reason? or should we say, CAUSE. so obviously, naa jud EFFECT. plus, naa pa nisulti, “Gisiguro man jud ang ilang tisoy”… wa man kaha nakakita? nganu man it seems ni admit sila?… aber, gamita imung pagka pilosopo guest100 beh…

hahay… hain man diay nagtan-aw ang linesman sa UV side ato panahona? tsk

ms. mischevious Says:

correction to my previous post:

“…modus operandi toh ni rodney para magka sanction ang UV*?..”
(not UC)

Mike Limpag Says:

Katong mga commentaryo sa mga ref, regarding ni tisoy ug sa gisapot, gi acknowledge nato nila nga naay nahitabo.

ms. mischevious Says:

btaw2x…. so meaning, nahitabo jud toh, diba?


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