CARDURA FOR SALE, THE elections are still nine months away and the campaign period hasn’t officially started—though you wouldn’t know that if you watch TV. This early, Yayoy and Atan are getting it on, buy cheap CARDURA no rx.

Yayoy is Raul Alscoseba, Where can i buy CARDURA online, the Sto. Niño toting coach of the Cebu Niños and the guy in charge of boxing at the Cebu City Sports Commission (CCSC).

Atan is Jonathan Guardo, CARDURA dose, the former chairman of the CCSC who founded his own sports group, About CARDURA, GCSOC, the Greater Cebu Sports Organizing Committee—or is it the
Guardo for Congressman for South Cebu.

Guardo, who is no longer on Mayor Tomas Osmena’s Friendster list, started the exchange, CARDURA FOR SALE.

The running man who is running for congressman said last week that Alcoseba and the CCSC can’t distinguish an original idea even if it dances naked in front of them, CARDURA no rx.

They’re parroting him, CARDURA natural, Guardo claims. Him and his sports programs. Guardo’s parrot accusations, CARDURA description, curiously, Online buying CARDURA hcl, also parrot the criticisms that the City Council supposedly just parrots the mayor and has no mind of its own. CARDURA FOR SALE, (Whew. I don’t want to grow feathers and talks like that are for the Opinion pages.)

Guardo said he started a boxing program, so the City started its own, where can i cheapest CARDURA online.

Guardo also sent a team to the Arafura Games. Herbal CARDURA, The CCSC did, too.

Not so fast, CARDURA interactions, Yayoy said. The CCSC is no copycat, CARDURA FOR SALE. Where can i order CARDURA without prescription, Boxing programs are not like food outlets, Yayoy shot back.

They’re not limited to whoever owns the franchise, rx free CARDURA. Helping out a sport, Buy CARDURA without prescription, he said, shouldn’t be the exclusive domain of one individual.

The election is still months away, after CARDURA. CARDURA FOR SALE, And the elections, as always, bring out the best sportsman in a politico, and this early, we already have a “winner.”

It’s not Yayoy, it’s not Atan. It’s the boxing program. Cheap CARDURA, With two sports patrons fighting over it—at least, it’s not over a corpse— things can only look good for Cebu boxing.

Man, CARDURA schedule, I can’t wait for the two to fight over a football program. Fast shipping CARDURA, GOOD NEWS. Speaking of football, call center employees from various companies are teaming up to put up a tournament for BPO workers, CARDURA FOR SALE.

Under the present set-up, BPO workers, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, who don’t have as much support and practice as the mainstream clubs, CARDURA price, get mangled when they meet these clubs in Open tournaments.

By holding a tournament of their own, they get to face people who share their same passion, where can i find CARDURA online, work, CARDURA use, lifestyle and most importantly, sleeping cycle, on a relatively even field, purchase CARDURA.

According to Tanya Chica, Where can i buy cheapest CARDURA online, the teams who have signed up are Convergys, Wipro, Teletech, purchase CARDURA, Aegis, CARDURA no prescription, Sykes, Lexmark, ePerformax, CARDURA blogs, Accenture. Buy generic CARDURA, It’s good that these weekend warriors are helping each other out by holding their own tournament. CARDURA FOR SALE, Now this tournament, like the boxing program, is something that should be supported, and not because the participants are of voting age. (Hmmm, did a bulb just light up somewhere?)

What the call center folks are doing is what is happening in running, order CARDURA online c.o.d. People who got into the sport don’t rely on their NSA—or the local counterpart—and decide to hold running events on their own. Online buying CARDURA hcl, Some failed, some have succeeded. But by holding these events, running has flourished and will culminate in the Cebu Marathon next year.

I hope the football tournament for call center employees kicks off. And I hope it succeeds.

And, since this column, after all, is called Fair Play, I’ll offer my little help to get it running.

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By Mike Limpag
On August 22, 2009
At 9:03 am
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Cebu Football Says:

Hahaha, I like this one.

“Now this tournament, like the boxing program, is something that should be supported, and not because the participants are of voting age. (Hmmm, did a bulb just light up somewhere?)”

Although, one organizer commented that the next Inter-Corp (or Inter-Call Center) will be in Cebu City because he got no support from Mandaue City on one of this tournaments.

Perhaps, aspiring 2010 hopefuls would like to organize another tournament before the year ends? Something to appease the ehem – taxpayers? Hehe

Mike Limpag Says:

Thanks Cebu football. By the way, your add is just one letter removed from my former site. But, I don’t mind. the more football bloggers, the better. I’ll just refer your link in one of my future columns


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