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By leonkilat
On August 13, 2006
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ronaldo Says:

i like the schedule of the under19 (player18) tournament. it’s perfect timing for the players and the coaches.

1. for the teams who rely on their first or second year college players, it’s a chance for them to show their stuff to the coaches, who would otherwise field senior players in the CESAFI tournament or commercial tournaments.

2. for the junior high school players (16 year old and above) it’s a chance to play with and against older players. it also allows the coaches to field younger players and see how they play against older opponents. for these high school coaches and players, it is also a good opportunity to gauge their team for the upcoming City Olympics and other DepED tournaments.

3. if this schedule is annually followed, then it will encourage colleges and universities to recruit more players for an under19 squad or at least to increase their player reserves. this will be benificial to players since their will be more varsity scholarships to be offered (full or partial).

i’m not sure when the under19 PFF regionals will be, but if it again will fall late in the year, then the team representing Cebu would a longer time to prepare. as far as this tournament is concerned, thumbs up to CebuFA.

Riscoh Says:

I guess thumbs up should be pointing down Ronaldo. CebuFA should have at least send InterCebu a letter or even emailed them before assuming that they are not interested in joining the U18 tournament.

Since InterCebu is a member of CebuFA. CebuFA has the resposibility/obligation to inform its members of any activities/tournaments being organized as Ronaldo stated in the Shout Box.

As far as favoritism, maybe there was, who knows. I cant imagine that they would just assume InterCebu is not interested. If they were not interested, then whats the point of all their efforts promoting football? How can they develep their skills if they are only playing amongst themselves. Has this popped up in the heads of the CebuFA? I think the persons whos not interested in playing are those who play for the money which isnt the case coz’ there’s no money in Cebu football.

Favoritism! we should get rid of this once and for all.

ronaldo Says:

yup riscoh, guess i spoke to soon. sure fell flat on my face with that one. what happened to InterCebu FC mirrors that of the U14 tryouts early this year. selective invitation.

this tournament was not a spur of the moment thing. i knew of this tournament several months ago. that’s why it took me by surprise when manfred pointed out they were no invited. like you said, membership to CebuFA means one is invited and encouraged to participate in their tournaments.

for them to assume that InterCebu FC was not interested was – oh well – arrogant, stupid, and reeking of favoritism. manfred may not say that here, but i know he is hurt and angry – i know i would be. InterCebu may still not have the success and respectability as the other more established clubs and schools have, but i’m sure there are more than enough sprinkling of potential there. what’s tragic is that these boys lost the chance to show the rest of the football community what they have accomplished so far.

remember the PFF “clerical error” ? sad to know we also have our own version.

ronaldo Says:

there is a very critical flaw in felix’s defense of CebuFA’s reasoning for not inviting InterCebuFC. he pointed out that the non-sanctioned “Tigkahon Tournament” organized by InterCebu and participated in by some teams other than InterCebu as a show of “irresponsibility by a CebuFA member”.

if this reasoning was used as the basis for the exclusion of InterCebu, then CebuFA needs to present the following in order to justify their act:

1. where is the PFF or CebuFA rule that states that playing in a non-sanctioned “in-house” tournament or league will result in penalties to those who participated.

2. where is the CebuFA board resolution that states that InterCebuFC violated the abovementioned rule and thru a majority decision, InterFC was excluded from the Aboitiz U19 tournament as a resulting penalty.

3. where is the PFF or CebuFA rule – agreed on by representatives from Cebu based clubs and teams – that states that they agree that ALL football activities MUST be sanctioned by CebuFA.

there has been inter-school mini tournaments that featured more than 3-4 schools and PE teachers or senior players acted as referees. are you saying that it also has to be sanctioned by the CebuFA. again, show me the rule – approved by school and club representatives – that states this.

following your school of thought, CebuFA member clubs or schools should also have their school intramurals sanctioned by CebuFA, simply because it has football games.

yes, felix i agree with you that inter-club tournaments should have accredited referees officiating and should be sanctioned BUT the fact remains that playing in non-sanctioned tournaments does not automatically mean that InterCebu should be excluded from the U19 tournament as a penalty for doing so. again, show me the rule that allowed CebuFA to do this.

felix, if there is such a rule, then please explain why “friendlies” between Springdale and Sacred Heart, or DBC and Sacred Heart, or UC, DB Boys Home and DBC, or Abellana/Hiroshi and Sacred Heart – which were not sanctioned – did not merit the same penalty given to InterCebu. these friendlies went on without accredited referees (officating were trainors and senior players), and were played in plain view at Ayala Field. if the rule is valid, why were their no sanctions made against these schools/clubs.

Manfred asked for the CebuFA rulebook that shows all these rules. I too would like to see it. was that rulebook presented to the general membership for ratification and approved by the CebuFA board to make it binding, legal and valid – or did Maximo just made it up in order to justify his decisions. Felix, make sure it’s not the latter when you present it because if that rulebook was used as a basis for CebuFA decisions and it didn’t pass thru a general membership ratification process then that is a gross violation of not only the CebuFA by-laws as recognized by SEC but also SEC procedures.

kikster, my original question hasn’t been answered. felix presented points that simply beat around the bush. as Riscoh correctly pointed out – CebuFA did not invite InterCebuFC (a bonafide member of CebuFA and a recognized club in the cebufootball community) to the Aboitiz U19 tournament just because they felt InterCebuFC wasn’t interested.

ronaldo Says:

everybody be reminded, if Felix’s opinion on Maximo’s decision is viewed as correct, that it was supposedly based on the “CebuFA Rules”.

to my knowlege,i know of no such “CebuFA Rulebook” that was presented for ratification to the general membership – not just to the CebuFA board. based on the Roberts Rules of Parliamentary Procedure to which the CebuFA Constitution and By-Laws are based on, general membership ratification is necessary for any implementing rules and regulation (IRR) to take official effect.

in the absence of an IRR, a board resolution ruled on by a majority of the CebuFA board may suffice, IF it was decided on PRIOR to the tournament and not after the commision of the fact.

my sources tell me no such meeting by the board to exclude InterCebuFC from the Aboitiz U19 Tournament as penalty for organizing and playing in the Tigkahon League prior to the start of the tournament took place.

the only way then to justify the exclusion of InterCebuFC would be to show the “CebuFA Rules” and point out the specific violation made.

the properly ratified “CebuFA Rules” please.

Riscoh Says:

Before Felix attempted to reason out why InterCebuFC wasnt invited. I think he should have consulted Maxi first… coz What Maxi pointed out to Manfred was way way different from what Felix had mentioned.

This was what Manfred posted in the ShoutBox!
it was simply a misunderstanding. They thought we have our own leagues and are not interested in the U 18 tournament. I had a talk with Maximo and we dont have now any problem.

Maxi told Manfred… that they think InterCebuFC WASNT INTERESTED…. plain and simple. Why the hell did Felix mention about Rules, tournaments sanctioned by CebuFA and the whole nine yards.

We know there are rules to be followed and every decisions has to be based on the rules the organization has implemented, Right!. So when CebuFA has decided that InterCebuFC is not interested, what rules were based upon to come up with such a decision. I think InterCebuFC has to decide whether they are interested or not, Not CebuFA.

Now I ask… Who’s call was it “NOT INTERESTED” suppose to be, CebuFA or InterCebuFC. Would you let somebody else tell you want to eat and what not to eat.

About the rules Felix pointed out. “Granting there was one”
Since InterCebuFC violated such rules, there has to be penalties/punishments, Right! With such violation CebuFA has to act and tell InterCebuFC that they had violated such rules. How come Manfred wasnt told of any violation and didnt even know that such a rule exist. Arent they “CebuFA” suppose to hand the rules to its members before recognizing the memebership. Where is the due process here.

Do you think now is the right time to tell them that they had violated something when everything is already out in the open, people are asking why InterCebuFC wasnt invited. The damage is done, is it hard to admit that there was a lapse of judgement done by CebuFA members.

Do you think pointing out this rules NOW, would justify why they are not invited. Dont forget the reason Maxi told Manfred… “InterCebuFC is not INTERESTED”. Do not let the rules mislead you to conclude that InterCebuFC deserves this unlawful treatment.

Im not against CebuFA. What i didnt like was that they decided out of just mere assumptions. To think this is a legitimate organization which is SEC registered.

ronaldo Says:

this is not just about InterCebuFC. i would not dare attempt to become Inter’s defender – manfred is more than able to do that by himself. the big picture here are the blatant mistakes in CebuFA policies and decision making procedures that needs to be pointed out and corrected.

what happened to InterCebuFC can easily happen to other clubs/teams not close to the CebuFA leadership. that’s a reality everybody in cebu knows. CebuFA plays favorite – thats something everybody will acknowlege in secret. by making making this mistake public, we can at least get the opportunity of making them know that we are aware of what happened and we insist that they don’t do it again.

CebuFA supporters either gave various rules coming supposedly from the CebuFA rulebook or or from board resolutions as a means to justify their act. the problem with their defensive strategy is that there is no such thing as a CebuFA rulebook or implementing rules and regulations that was ratified by the general membership. that in itself is deceit.

Joseph Says:

that is why it is called “friendlies” coz its just a friendly or tune-up game. a tournament participated by different clubs is entirely different.

ronaldo Says:

InterCebuFC announced it long-before it started that it’s an in-house tournament among members and affiliated teams. Maximo is just making up rules to justify his mistake. why won’t he simply accept that he made mistake instead of falling over the place looking for imaginary rules.

ronaldo Says:

if the rules and regulations that maximo used to justify his act on InterCebuFC is valid then all the teams that participated in tournaments during his term that were not sanctioned by CebuFA should be penalized in order to be fair to all.

the most recent would be that Barili tournament. i don’t know who were the teams involved but i think it was posted somewhere that Hiroshi and Don Bosco Alumni met in the finals – so lets start from there. let’s see Maximo penalize Hiroshi and Don Bosco Alumni for that.

other tournaments that wasn’t sanctioned during Maximo’s term of office included the Don Bosco Alumni “Pa Liga”. the teams that participated in that football and futsal tournament that went on for two months included Queen City United, Exxas, UV, Hiroshi, Danao FC, Lear, USP, and practically almost all of the cebu based teams. why don’t he penalize them too since they played in a non-sanctioned tournament.

how about that night time tournament held at Abellana that Crazy Horse organized, the one that didn’t get finished. that was also not sanctioned. why won’t maximo penalize those teams that participated.

if the rules that he pointed out is true, then it is his responsibility to implement it. why single out InterCebuFC and favor the other teams by not penalizing them.

from what has been presented here, i assume that the rules Maximo used is included in the so called “CebuFA Rules”. if it is, then he should penalize all those who participated in the abovementioned non-sanctioned tournaments because the rule was already there when these tournaments took place.

if he does not sanction these teams then that means there are no rules to justify such sanctions. that will also mean that the InterCebu penalty is not based on an existing CebuFA rule. which means that Maximo was wrong in not inviting InterCebuFC to the U19 tournament.

Maximo should just accept the fact that he made a mistake. that would have been the best thing he could do instead of falling all over the place looking for imaginary rules.

Ronaldo Says:

Ronaldo, I agree with you a 100%, CebuFA just needed to accept the lapse of judgement they did and apologize to Mr. Manfred…

I guess public apology would be so hard for them to do…. We filipino’s are terrible at this.. our ego’s are just way too much to handle. Out here in North America.. people accept their mistakes and try to learn from it and not make stupid alibi’s.

Im surprised, In fact Im thankful Mr. Manfred didnt make a very big issue out of this, guess his a foreigner and he know his limits unlike Mr. Weiler.

CebuFA supporters should understand that the reason why we raise this flaw, Is to make sure that CebuFA wouldnt go out of hand and try to improve the way they manage things. I know you guys “SUPPORTERS” wouldnt want somebody to criticize CebuFA… well you cant pray for that to happen. Coz in a democratic world people wants freedom, fairness in everything and we have the right to voice out what we consider is wrong… And if you think… CebuFA’s decision not to invite InterCebuFC based on assumptions “…THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED” are lawful and appropriate then for give us, We’re just probably dreaming that Philippines is suppose to be ruled by democracy.

Dont take this criticisms personally, they are not there to discredit the organization, it is suppose to help them do their job properly… WE JUST CARE ENOUGH THAT WE CANT AFFORD FOR SUCH MISTAKES TO HAPPEN, ESPECIALLY MISTAKES WHICH ARE PRETTY MUCH AVOIDABLE.

If you guys “SUPPORTERS” just try to read and understand Ronaldo’s post properly, You’ll understand that they are based on what had happened. He’s not making things up… He even gave a thumb’s up for CebuFA for organizing the U19 tournament…. but has to back track everything… coz Manfred’s Club was unfairly or unlawfully treated without due process.

Like you guys “SUPPORTERS” we’re here to support CebuFA, but we just dont nod our heads if we notice something is fishy. How can they know their mistakes if everybody agrees, zip their mouth shut and not question their strategies…

Ronaldo, It hard to argue with people when they are one sided and purposefully stay out of topic … SEEMS THEY FORGOT OR DIDNT KNOW THAT MAXI TOLD MANFRED THAT THE REASON WHY THEY ARE NOT INVITED IS BECAUSE CEBUFA ASSUMED INTERCEBUFC IS NOT INTERESTED … what a load of crap.

Ronaldo Says:

Opps sorry Ronaldo, that was suppose to be my comment… damn this copy and paste… Mike can you edit it please… Thanks

Riscoh Says:

Opps sayop gihapon….Ronaldo, sorry …. heheheh kani syaro…

ronaldo Says:

unless something new comes up, i think i have written all what i needed to write as far as my opinion is concerned.

the need to make public the CebuFA Rulebook is still there. many of these miscommunications can be prevented if that rulebook is made available.

ronaldo Says:

unless something new comes up – like that “CebuFA Rulebook” making it’s long-awaited appearance – i think i’ve written everything i need to write. i just hope, like what riscoh pointed out, such a thing won’t happen again.

i’m still daring Maximo to penalize the teams who participated in non-sanctioned tournaments mentioned above. Maximo won’t have a hard time remembering which teams played because he in fact was there during the opening of the “Pa Liga” non-sanctioned tournament as it’s guest speaker.

ironic isn’t it.

Joseph Says:

FC Inter Cebu was the organizer of the Tigkahon Tournament, not a mere participant. So they have a responsibility as an organizer. FC Inter Cebu claimed it was an “in-house” tournament among FCIC members but it was not. CIC-Mandaue and CSCST joined in that tournament. CIC-Mandaue and CSCST are not under FCIC and they have their own teams/players as evidenced in their participation in past tournaments like 2005 aboitiz B-12 & B-15 Cups (for CIC) and 2005 aboitiz Mens League (for CSCST). To protect the interest of outside teams, neutral referees and match officials should have been used. In the Tigkahon tourney, the organizer is also at the same time the referee. That was the point there.

Policy on sanctioned events are directives of Phil Football Federation (PFF). As a member of PFF, CebuFA is expected to enforce it in its area of jurisdiction

The reason that “FCIC is not interested to join” is a statement coming from the other party. There are 3 sides of a coin, “his story”, “my story” and the “real story”

ronaldo Says:

joseph, did maximo use the term “FCIC is not interested to join” ? that term is basically the root of the discussion here.

manfred, did maximo told you “you weren’t interested to join” ?

i would also like to be clarified where it is written as a rule that a CebuFA member club or team runs the risk of sanctions if they organize or participate in non-sanctioned tournaments.

i would also like to know why school teams like DBC, Springdale, Abellana, Sacred Heart, USC etc., which joined earlier editions of DepED organized tournaments, that weren’t sanctioned by the CebuFA, but occured during the term of Maximo weren’t sanctioned. the PFF obviously had this rule before Maximo took over CebuFA so why wasn’t this enforced during these “non-sanctioned tournaments” during his term of office.

joseph, the basis of my arguement is that i have yet to read the specific rule that authorizes an FA to penalize a club/team for organizing or participating in a non-sanctioned tournament. if that rule is in the PFF Rulebook then i would appreciate it if you will scan it and post it here. if it is a board resolution of the CebuFA then i would like to know the exact date when that resolution was made.

like i posted earlier, during maximo’s term of office, their were several tournaments that were’nt sanctioned by the CebuFA, organized by clubs or DepED and participated in by CebuFA member teams. if Maximo is truly a stickler to the rules, why didn’t he penalize the clubs, teams, schools and personalities involved.

i would appreciate direct answers to these questions.

i understand fully the rationale of what you posted – about the need to sanction tournaments. but that is not the answer to the questions raised here. Riscoh is right in his comment – the advantages of why a tournament should be sanctioned is not the issue. the issue is what rule did CebuFA use when they decided not to invite InterCebuFC to the U19 tournament.

ronaldo Says:

joseph, for this issue to be put to rest, all that Maximo and CebuFA has to do is point out the specific rule that “clubs and/or teams organizing and/or participating in tournaments NOT sanctioned by CebuFA will be subject to penalties.”

and please explain it clearly why previous participants of non-sanctioned tournaments done during Maximo’s term weren’t penalized.

Riscoh Says:

It would be nice if people would just stick to the topic being discussed. Apparently, other people seems to wonder around like stray dogs.

In case they didnt know… THE DISCUSSION WAS ABOUT CEBUFA’S DECISION NOT TO INVITE INTERCEBUFA BECAUSE THEY THINK THE CLUB IS NOT INTERESTED…. so please dont mention about the rules which are totally irrelevant to the topic being discussed…….. unless of course if there are rules on how to determine if an FA member is interested or not in participating tournaments sanctioned by the FA, then I guess I’ll have to stop whining….


ronaldo Says:

joseph, not unless maximo comes out and say that he did not use the words “not interested” then i am bound to believe manfred’s “story”. what you’re insinuating is that either manfred or maximo is lying about this “not interested” statement.

like what Riscoh said – don’t beat around the bush. the questions asked are very clear and specific. posting answers to questions not asked only paints a pathetic picture of the CebuFA.

ronaldo Says:

i’ve just been thinking, why Maximo is so intent in forcing InterCebuFC to sanction all their activities with CebuFA when this wild thought came into my mind (i’ve just finished my fifth bottle of red horse – courtesy of some San Roque residents who wants to start the fiesta celebrations early – just a few minutes back and everything that comes to my mind is wild).

CebuFA has been criticized by PFF and recently by those FIFA guys who recently came here that they don’t have a grassroot program that would entitle them to more monetary support or grants. perhaps, by having it on paper (as part of their calendar of activities) that they have a member club with a sanctioned grassroot program then maybe they can convince them to give financial support to CebuFA.

but if that is the case, then why not just start their own grassroot program instead of breaking down InterCebuFC ?

here is a club that established football in barangays and sitios without any aid from CebuFA, has hundreds of kids learning how to control a ball using only their feet, organized their own tournaments and leagues – yet Maximo wants to paint a picture of them as the bad guys.

doesn’t make sense to me.

kind of a wild idea, but hey, everything kinda looks like wild horses right now. quick, somebody explain it to me, like i’m a three year old, coz what maximo is doing to intercebu is totally incomprehensible.


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