1.) National tournaments for the age group FLOXIN FOR SALE, . The U16s and U19s nationals were the feeders for the national youth teams. Cheap FLOXIN no rx, I hope the new PFF admin pushes through with their promise of bringing them back.

We need a comprehensive youth system to sustain Philippine football and it is something the weakest team in the Asean region, East Timor, FLOXIN cost, is investing on. Order FLOXIN from mexican pharmacy, Consider this, in the AFC U16 championships, only three teams from Southeast Asian made the main draw, where can i find FLOXIN online, Vietnam, Buy FLOXIN from mexico, Indonesia and East Timor. The Philippines finished last in the Group E qualifiers, conceding 26 goals in four losses, FLOXIN FOR SALE. East Timor trailed China in Group F on goal difference, 29 to 22, after FLOXIN.

2.) A comprehensive preparation for the Southeast Asian Games. Doses FLOXIN work, Most of the members of the Azkals were eligible for the 2007 and 2009 edition of the Seag. I remember the previous team manager of the 2005 edition said he got too giddy plotting the lineup of the Azkals in the 07 and 09 games. FLOXIN FOR SALE, Sadly, we never got to join them.

3.) More stories about the UFL, where can i buy FLOXIN online. So far, Order FLOXIN from United States pharmacy, it's the only league in town, so let’s support them. I haven’t heard much from the UFL but what I do know is that it was put up by a bunch of guys who used to play the game and now have the time and money, FLOXIN australia, uk, us, usa. They also, Purchase FLOXIN online no prescription, wisely, decided not have anything to do with the PFF.

4.) The Azkals in Cebu, FLOXIN FOR SALE. Did you know that in 2008, FLOXIN without a prescription, the Azkals routed the Cebu All-Stars, FLOXIN for sale, 6-0. Did you know that in August last year, Dan Palami, buy FLOXIN online cod, Alexander Borromeo , FLOXIN treatment, Chieffy Caligdong and a few other members of the team were in Cebu to conduct a one-day clinic as part of their advocacy. You missed it didn’t you.

Well, order FLOXIN no prescription, I hope to see them again and I hope more fans will be there, Buy FLOXIN online no prescription, too.

5.) International friendlies FLOXIN FOR SALE, . If the team progresses in the AFC Challenge cup, we’re going to have an overdose of Pinoy football, low dose FLOXIN. If the team progresses in the World Cup qualifiers, FLOXIN description, it’s going to be heaven. And that’s just for the first part of the year, so I’m hoping we’ll get to see more friendlies for the team, FLOXIN recreational.

Which reminds me, FLOXIN duration, back in 07 or 08, there was a reported offer by the LA Galaxxy to play a friendly in Manila, but it was turned down because $500, FLOXIN used for,000 was needed.

Now imagine if the Galaxy makes the same offer again, FLOXIN FOR SALE. Online FLOXIN without a prescription, I think the private sector can now raise $500,000 in the bat of an eyelash.

6.) More exposure for the ladies and youth teams, FLOXIN dose. The ladies need our support, FLOXIN use, too. For the past few years the team have sacrificed a lot to shoulder its own expenses. FLOXIN FOR SALE, I hope the players and coaches who have stuck with the team gets rewarded by worrying about only the game and have the PFF shoulder anything else.

7.) A local football TV program, FLOXIN reviews. The UFL will be on Balls Channel, Order FLOXIN online c.o.d, but I’m hoping Studio 23 will be carrying more Philippine football-related programs. Balls Channel is only available on cable and Studio 23, because it’s on Free TV, get FLOXIN, has a wider audience. FLOXIN overnight, Heck, if a local football program needs material, all they have to do is tour the different collegiate leagues and they’d have ready material—and ready—audience for their show, FLOXIN pharmacy.

8.) The Azkals in their clubs, FLOXIN FOR SALE. I hope Phil, James and the rest of the Azkals get to sign up with a club in any of the Southeast Asian leagues. That will only drive interest for Philippine football—and Pinoy footballers—up. I hope Neil Etheridge (Christened The Bus by his fans, who have called themselves The Passengers. Join them in facebook.) will get to see first team action for Fulham. FLOXIN FOR SALE, I have since changed my allegiance in the EPL, from Man U to Fulham. Though I’d still root for Man U when it faces other teams, but when it’s Man U vs. Fulham, my loyalty lies with Neil’s club.

9.) Paulino Alcantara honored. Most of the Philippine football fans know Barcelona, but not all of them know the record-holder for the most goals scored was born in Iloilo, Paulino Alcantara. There was a movement back in 2005, to have the PFF honor him, I hope it will be revived, FLOXIN FOR SALE. Heck, we could call our national men’s tournament the Paulino Alcantara Cup.

10.) And last but not the least. I want to see in 2011, Mari Martine made accountable for all the things he has done—and didn’t do—in the three years he was in office.

I want every disbursement of the Fifa, AFC and AFF aid accounted for down to the last centavo.

How about you. What do you want to see in 2011.

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Filed under : Opinion
By Mike Limpag
On December 31, 2010
At 1:08 am
Comments : 3

3 Comments for this post

sidrow_c Says:

FAs should be more activein organising local tournaments both school based and inter barangay tournaments. They should not only rely from PFF for funding for the staging of their local tournaments. They should tap and establish partnership with local government and private sectors for financial support.

Management of FAs should not be confined only to the football circles but instead involve other people in the community that can help in the financial and promotional aspects of an organisation.

To offset problems due to lack of standard football fields, FAs should introduce not only 11 a side but also small sided games – 5 aside and 7 a side football. For football to earn the same level of interest as of basketball, Association should involve more people and teach them how to appreciate, to play, and to enjoy the game.

For an activity that could gather a huge crowd, sponsorship is not a problem. The private sector is just waiting from the sidelight. It is up to the Football Federation to organise and create good and legitimate leagues and tournaments to convince private sector to extend support.

Hope the new PFF management will not fall in the same pifall of their predecessors.

Mike Limpag Says:

Hi Sid, most school-based tournaments I know are those that are part of the DepED program (City, Provincial, Regional meets). An inter-barangay football event is one that I really want to see but hasn’t been implemented yet. Most are club-based competitions.

I see the advantage in an inter-barangay competition because the team will raise awareness about the sport in their own community.

As to the new PFF management, I’m pretty much hopeful in Nonong Araneta.

manfred Says:

Hi Mike, you missed out our inter barangay tournaments in Lapu-Lapu?
We have barangay teams since 3 years. Since our fiesta we do it with the support of Harry Radaza, this Sunday teams from Babag, Bankal, Look and Pajac are playing the 7 a side new year opening.
Sunday, January 2, 10 am, Ticgahon, open field between Camella homes Pajac and Bankal, Mahayhay. Come and see


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